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Shown below are a few comments from some of David's ex-team-mates from Dundee United, including some memories they have of his time there and wishing him well for his 60th birthday (12/06/16).

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Paul Sturrock

Davie have a great birthday mate, as a friend and team mate it has been an honour to play alongside in my opinion the best United player there ever has been and ever will be. You had incredible natural talent which I believe had you played for some of the bigger football nations you would in my opinion have been classed worldwide with the likes of Moore and Beckenbaur.

Iain Ferguson

He didn't realise how good he was and he could have played any level and anywhere he wanted. I played with him for 2 successful years including our run to UEFA Cup final and he was a standout in most games.
Never fazed by oposition and played the game in the best way, always tried to pass the ball never saw him panic. We all used to say he probaly had a couple of gears tucked away when he played and could always get out of trouble as he read the game tremendously. He was a genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to play with.

Henry Hall

Only good memories of my two years at United during the 70's. As a person you were the complete gentleman and never had a bad word to say about anyone. As as player, you reminded me of Alan Hansen and Pat Stanton, supremes readers of the game, but you also had a "toe-poke" in your repertoire of skills!"

Willie Pettigrew

Happy birthday Davy, big 60 how do you look so good magic potions? Fond memories of my time at Utd, honour to play along side you as on and off the park you were a gentleman.

Brian Welsh

David was the best player I played with and could have played in any team in Europe he was that good.

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