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Shown below are a few comments from some of David's ex-team-mates from Dundee United, including some memories they have of his time there and wishing him well for his 60th birthday (12/06/16).

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Graeme Payne

I wish you all the best on the occasion of your 60th. I thought I would take you down memory lane for this auspicious occasion.
It must be over 45 years since we first met up playing for the St Columbas under John Letford, although we played against each other in the local school derby - Kirkton v St Johns.
The years have passed by quickly and we have shared some marvellous achievements in the football front; winning everything domestically with John Letford’s St Columbas team reaching the Scottish Cup final only to lose against Celtic boys club (only because it was played at Parkhead!).
We then went on to sign for United along with many of the other superb young players at the time from St Columbas. Going on to play a part in winning the Terrors first ever trophies; playing with loads of wonderful players and characters. Travelling Europe together with United, Scottish youths and under 21s. Of course there were disappointments but no need to mention them on your birthday.
You came to football late compared to the rest of the Dundee lads who kicked a ball at the time. But being a natural right from the start made up for lost ground so easily. It was amazing how you read the game anticipating the opposition moves so decisively - the sign of a truly majestic player. The best thing is you played the game in the true spirit with great skill and classy defending. Always looking to play football from the back, in fact you were ahead of your time in Scottish football - get your boots back on Scotland needs you! The defensive partnership you forged with Heggy grew into one of the best ever in Scotland blotting out many of the great players at that time both home and abroad.

On a less serious football note I shook the grey matter in my head to recollect some memories of times in the past:
* Our first ever European trip together with St Columbas was a mixture of good and bad. Good - we won the trophy. Bad – the bus had only one 8 track cassette “Andy Williams Greatest Hits”, we had to suffer Moon River non-stop from Dundee to Cologne and back again!
* “Killer Narey” in Bursa, Turkey waking me up from my beauty sleep while you were exterminating the Hotels’ cockroaches with your trainers.
* Not many people know this but Dave you are a fine joiner; by the way nice job you did in our walk in cupboard in the Sherbrook Street house.
* Dave’s Thursday wages day shopping “blowouts”; encouraging me to buy naff jumpers from Mr Bojangles.
* Going down to the snooker club for lunch enjoying a frame or two along with the true professional athletes’ diet – lorne sausage cheeseburger washed down with a bottle of Fanta (lovely)!
* What we thought was World War 3 starting loud explosions waking us up in the hotel in Monaco. In fact only to watch the finest free fireworks display ever from the hotel’s balcony overlooking the Med.
* My first ever foreign holiday to Benidorms’ Hotel Helios with Addy, Holty and your good self. Cost £72 for 2 weeks full board – this really must have been a few years ago!
No doubt there are many more but I better stop or will end up writing a book. Seriously it has been a pleasure to play with one of the true legends of Scottish Football. I looked and was amazed at your stats 866 appearances for United, 35 caps (should have been a lot more), winning all the major honours with United, and the League Cup with Raith Rovers. The football memories are fine but the most important thing is you are a great bloke and have been a real close friend for many years. Take care remember you are only as good as your last birthday.

Happy 60th birthday from Graeme, Fiona, Mark and Ashleigh.

John Reilly

He was simply the best I ever played with. Love him then…love him now. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

Fred van der Hoorn

I remember David as a real gentleman and a great reader of the game.

Billy Thomson

One of the best footballers I have had the privilege to call a team mate. Big Sash a brilliant player.

Ray Kinnon

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