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Lorraine Kelly

I was lucky enough to see Dave Narey play and he was just a joy to watch. He was such a classy player and made it all look effortless. One of the all time greats and a wonderful, loyal ambassador for Dundee United and Scotland.

Craig Millar (STV Dundee)

I signed for United on an S-Form, under Jim McLean, in 1972 � about the same time as David signed. I played against him quite a few times in the Angus Amateur leagues when he was playing for St Columba�s. Along with Graeme Payne, he stood out as someone who was definitely going to be a professional because of his skill and athleticism. They both gave me an inferiority complex because I thought if this was the standard of player required for professional status, I had no chance. I�ve told people many times that I thought David had he so wished, could have played for anyone, he was that good.

Alan Fisher (Wallace Family Bakers)

Utd's greatetst player, a Scotland legend and a gentlemen.

Gary Robertson

As a young Dundee United fan, my very first memory of Davie Narey was on a football card sometime in the mid-1970s. These cards were a 'must have' for any schoolboy into football and came with a dodgy piece of pink 'cardboard' chewing gum.
Davie's photo was memorable for a chaotic, windswept hairdo which, in truth was par for the course in the 1970s. This card will still be somewhere in my parents' loft but unfortunately it would be a needle-in-a-haystack job to find it. I'm sure Davie would rather it stays there in the dusty, dark confines of the roof though.
He was to become much more memorable as a United player however, and for thousands of us who stood the terraces it's fair to say, we were privileged to witness a real footballing legend in tangerine. His poetic flair, pace, intelligence, un-flappable composure and healthy eye for goal ensured he would rise to the very summit of United greats. His unstoppable rocket against Brazil in the 1982 World Cup had my dad and me bouncing off the living room roof.
And yet, a chance moment whilst researching material for the Gangs Of Dundee book was to uncover a fascinating fact. Davie's life may have taken a wholly different path had he not been so lucky after being involved in a car accident. Only 9 years old, he was struck and injured in Lochee and extremely fortunate not to have been killed. A guardian angel was thankfully looking after him that day.
I have been very honoured and privileged to have spent some time in Davie's company (plus I also get to empty his bin once a month hahaha!) and I can honestly say without any hesitation he is one of the nicest, most genuine and humble guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was also one hell of a gifted football player. We salute one of Dundee city's finest sons - Happy Birthday Sir Davie Narey.

The following comments are from individuals from Ceres Arabs: A Dundee United Supporters Club for North East Fife

Colum Deignan

If he was French, Dutch, German or Italian he would have been regarded as one of the best defenders in the world but because he was a reader of the game he didn't fit into the Scottish way of playing.

Any aspiring defender should watch videos of Davie doing his stuff - it could make you a legend!

Robert Clark

I played against him and was fast when I was younger, ran at him, knocked the ball past and went to run on to it, he spun and knicked it off me, I ran back to try and stop him, he did what I was trying to do and succeeded. All at jogging speed for him. Had a beer with him in Benson's after wards, great guy and one of the best players to play for United, if not the best.

Colin Campbell

Lets not lose sight of his understanding with Heggie, they played so well together, it was like two players with one great football brain. When he first came on the scene as a youngster if my memory serves me right as an inside right, I thought to big and to slow but he was deceiving with his long stride and was quite graceful and also most important a gentleman and DUFC through and through.

Charlie Stirton

Such a gentleman. And great footballer. Not many like him.

George Webster

Immense player for United, Toe poke goal for Scotland against Brazil, Braziliant.

Kevin Geoghegan

Dave Narey was right up there with......

Dave Narey

Scott Duncan


Robert Martin

He was far too young to be that good wasn't he?