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Shown below are a few comments from some of David's ex-team-mates from Dundee United, including some memories they have of his time there and wishing him well for his 60th birthday (12/06/16).

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Maurice Malpas

Sash strolled through games as he does in life. No doubt the best defender I played with, never seemed riled at any time. Now we are golf buddies and he can be riled with the mention of the dreaded SHANK word!!!!! Laid back to horizontal, but the most stubborn man on earth. Not one for seeking attention - only man to win a cup and decide to miss the celebrations! A great friend, great company. Enjoy your birthday and here's to less Shanks. Mo.

Paul Hegarty

Congratulations on your 60th birthday Sash, you could still easily be playing after carrying me for 16 years at Tannadice.....hence the dodgy back!
Hope you have great day, here's to the next 60 years!!!

Jim McInally

In my football career Ive been blessed with playing for clubs that were full of top players, when I look back on my career I feel so proud that I stood shoulder to shoulder with guys that I was not worthy of being in the same team as, International players and European Cup winners, some brilliant players that played at the highest level but for me Dave Narey was the best I played with.
Not only was he the best player but also one of the most genuine and nicest guys that you will ever come upon.
Ive made very few real friends in football but being a friend to big Davie is an honour in itself, he would do anything for you and for me personally he is the perfect gentleman and most importantly a great family man.
I was privileged to play with him and I am honoured to be able to call him a friend.

John Holt

I've known Dave Narey since about 1969 when we played with St Columba Boys Club, managed by Alex Baird and John Letford the former Lord Provost. Since then a lot of years have gone by but we are still friends to this day.
At that time Jim McLean had just joined Dundee United as manager and was looking to start a youth academy. Dave was his first signing followed by Graeme Payne and then myself, all local lads. Dave went on to become a great player and should have had many more games for his country. His partnership with Paul Hegarty was legendary and his pace and reading of the game were second to none.
When United were regularly in Europe in the late 70s and 80s I would often room with him. One night before a game we were watching TV and chatting in general. After a few minutes he stopped speaking, just kept watching TV - I thought he'd gone in the huff. Unknown to me he was fast asleep with one eye open and the other closed! I think he was keeping an eye on his wallet!!
After our playing days were over, we often got together to tackle DIY projects to help our families and we once helped former United sprint coach Graeme Low, a joiner to trade, to complete an attic conversion - move over Bob the Builder!
Last year, I had the idea of a cycle ride to raise funds for charity and I thought I would see if any of the United old timers would take part. Sach was one of the first to put his name down and on one of the worst spring days ever, me, Sach, Paul Hegarty, Maurice Malpas, Hamish McAlpine, Jim McInally and Dave Bowman battled through the gales and torrential rain to cycle 75 miles. We started at Tannadice then went on to Gayfield, Links Park, Glebe Park, Station Park and back to Tannadice, shivering and tired, but happy to raise over 8,000 for the Maggies Cancer Centre. A fantastic achievement by Sach and all the old boys - that competitive spirit never leaves you!
It has been a pleasure playing alongside Dave Narey and knowing him as a friend. I hope we have many more years of friendship ahead - happy 60th birthday Sach!

David Bowman

Footage below shows the incident David Bowman refers to.

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