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Grew up in the same street as David Narey, Invercraig Place in Charleston, he was the reason I ended up supporting United.


My all time fav. Simply strolled through games-- great players always make the game look easy-- best memory has to be Cappielow in league winning season-- oor 3rd goal I think-- picked up ball roond aboot Half way went on a mazy and stroked the ball home-- if he played for one o the bigot brothers would have got a lot more caps.


Had the pleasure of watching Mr narey play for Utd. One word describes him CLASS.


Coolness Personified. A football brain of the greats in football. I also was privileged to be brought up through that era.


I only caught the tail end of his career but even then he was superb. I remember him starting a game out of the blue in the 94 cup run and he absolutely ran the show against .....Motherwell I think it was. Since a kid I've liked to watch old highlights of games on random vhs tapes and now online so I've seen plenty of him and yup......an astoundingly assured player. Classy as hell, just wish we could get some interviews with him. He's so bloody shy


My favourite utd player.


The city's greatest ever player and Dundonian, to any Funsters looking in I know Bobby Cox was a great player and a fine ambassador but how many goals did he score v Brazil?, none because he was never capped by his country.


Simply Majestic!


Followed his career from St Columba's days and, for me, the best player in my lifetime to go through Tannadice.