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No matter what I say about who my favourites were growing up as a bairn I can't budge most of my mates opinions that he was undoubtedly the greatest regardless bud. In a multitude of fitba qualities they argue the point well.

He was not just a defender with defensive qualities. He had his position nailed. Could have been a hero for nations bigger than Scotland if he had a granny fae Rome or Rio!


Calm cultured stylish effortless, a great reader of the game, and that was him on an off day.


Brilliant. Exquisite. Perfection.

Greatest ever from the City. No question.


I read a quote a couple of years or so ago, either by Luggy or Ralphy I'm sure. It was around the lines of: no matter who he was up against, Sasha would get to the ball a yard ahead of his man; implying that he had the pace against the fastest of players, but also the stride against slower players to always be able to read his opponent perfectly.

I also mind a United documentary just before we played Barca in '87. From recollection it was called "Jute, Jam and Jim McLean" & they interviewed this old timer outside Tannadice & he remarked that you'd be proud if your daughter married a United player. Now, I'm sure he was referring more to the likes of Narey than Ralphy, with respect!

I mind Sash scoring a 30-yarder against Dunfermline at Tannadice - screamer into the top corner; cue Sasha's Spain '82-esque muted celebration, followed by the referee just playing on. These were in the pre-Paddy Connolly at Firhill days. The ball had hit the stanchion & come back out; fortunately.


I was fortunate enough to witness the Hegarty/Narey years. Narey strolled through games telegraphing everything with ease, he looked like he seldom broke sweat despite working his nads off in every game. Not forgetting that "toe poke" against the mighty Brazil, he was the very best of his generation.


An absolute God. Always calm, always in control, always 3 steps ahead of the opposition. In my opinion the greatest United player ever. Better than Hansen and sadly overlooked by his country. I feel very lucky to have seen him play.


Big Davie was one of the greatest defenders in the country, his first two moves were in his head, I have never seen anyone read a game like he could, and I never once saw an opposition player rip him a new for for 90 mins, composed on the ball, he filled the fans and his team mates with confidence. A proper gentleman also, very humble man, never walks passed with saying hello.


Think of a hybrid of Franco Baresi and Franz Beckenbaur and you have Davie Narey.

And I back all comments above too! Far too cultured to succeed as a Scot!!!


Was privileged to be at Daves debut against Falkirk, it was a midweek rearranged game during the 3 day week, stood out even then , he was unlucky to play in the same era as Miller and mcliesh and Hanson, he would have at least tripled his caps playing now,, oh for a player like Narey in the Scotland back 4 now , And also a great guy.