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Hall Of Fame

David was inducted into Dundee Utd's Hall of Fame in 2008 along with Dennis Gillespie, Doug Smith, Finn Dossing, Maurice Malpas, Paul Hegarty and Jimmy Briggs.

Following poem was cited by Dundee Utd supporter Gary Robertson (in true Dundonian) on the night of the first Hall Of Fame awards.

Fae places near an far thi came

Made Tannadice thir hame fae hame

Thi stuff o lehjind, thi stuff o dreamz

Playin fir United wearin black an tangerine

An ithirz fae that era before

Wen black an wite wir thi colours, now pert o Arab folklore

Eh guys like Jimmy Brigg, wah served thi Club sih well

Wi a passion an conviction, in a distinguished fifteen year spell

Thi stalwart crehd Doug Smith, 'Mr Dependable' wiz thi tag

18 yearz a tough centre-half, an nivir once did ee lose eez rag

Thi great Dennis Gillespie, hud thi flair, thi goals, thi skillz

Eez memory styz waarm in thi hertz - o thi fans - an ayewiz will

Fae Denmark came Finn Dossing, wah buhlt a goalscorin pedigree

A lehjind o 1965, an thi 'Massacre o Dundee'

An movin ti anither era - three o thi very best

Three men wah rose ti become giants, wi a talent thit simply impressed

Paul Hegarty, Maurice Malpas, Davie Narey - it was a priviledge ti waatch yiz lay

Eh think eh speak fir abidee here - it was a priviledge ti waatch yiz play

An so, on this special night - there yih hae it - thi 'Magnificent Seven'named

Rightfully takkin thir prestigious place, in Dundee United's Hall o Fame!